What would I tell my 25 year old self


So many things.

  • Buy Google stock instead of investing in your employer’s 401K
  • Invest more in your brains than your looks – the former lasts longer with any luck
  • You will be loved for just being you someday. Stop looking so hard.
  • Take better care of your body. You are not IMMORTAL and you will also age.
  • The move from NJ to TX was a disaster for your self image, but you have to GET OVER IT
  • Laugh at everything you can. Watch more funny movies.
  • Establish a new happiness set point.  Do. It. Now.
  • Quit making the same mistakes two, three, four times.  Take a deep breath and stop and learn before moving.
  • You are adorable RIGHT now, and have no idea you are!

  • You will say the sentence above again when you are 70 and looking at photos when you were 50
  • Write more
  • Take more photos
  • Ride horses more
  • Don’t get a credit card – EVER
  • If a man is not great with finances, run away.
  • Watch how a man treats his mom, because that’s how he will treat you after you are married.
  • Never make a large purchase while pregnant. Especially a car.
  • Learn how to deal with confrontation: this is huge and will be even bigger the older you are
  • Fess up when you mess up. No excuses.
  • You will NEVER be perfect.
  • There is always someone smarter, dumber, prettier and uglier than you.  STOP COMPARING.
  • Stop comparing!
  • Stop comparing!
  • Just! Stop!
  • When you think you are going to die over some emotional upheaval, you won’t.  So get on with things.



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