1963-2015 Ten States

The hardest thing about moving to another state is being in a place where only one person had any memory of me. It was like putting myself back together in little pieces. When I first moved out west, I was so out of my element and lost. I found it so hard and now I realize why: it wasn’t just me moving 2500 mile away from the place I lived for ten years. It was also uprooting my kids: one of whom was born in FL.  New schools. New friends (hopefully).  They suddenly had to share a room, and it was a small one at that. The house was half the size and we had to blend a family <—- this is a big fat lie. The blending they speak of doesn’t exist. My oldest boy became a middle child at the age of 11, three years behind his stepbrother to be and five behind a stepsister he never would have a prayer of getting to know. My youngest stayed the youngest at seven. They all shared one bathroom. One TV. No yard to speak of. Harder schools.  There was no blending. It was more of a mutual accommodating that I can only hope helps them in the future with impossible roommates. 
I don’t know if this move is permanent for them. I joke and say I’d move to Idaho for the right $ and the right job. But now it’s been nearly four years and their summers in FL have not changed that this is home to them. 
People ask me where I am from. I can’t answer. I have friends who live close by the house they grew up in. They have friends from elementary school.  I can’t say I wish I had that because I don’t know what I missed. 
What states?  Here they are with my short impressions.
MA – too young to remember anything here but a great ice cream place
IL – I remember a pretty powerful tornado
NJ – Ah Yes. Nice house. Pool. Four friends on the block. Riding bike to school. 
VA – I was fat. I had a few friends. Drama club. Finished High School here. Went back in my 20’s. Favorite place. Close to DC
MI – College. Waitressing. First boyfriend. 
ME – Too. Much. Snow. Expensive place to live. Gorgeous. Would live there again. 
NH – Married. Bought a house. Gorgeous. No garage. Great job. Cheap liquor.
FL –  Great friends. Hurricanes. Cheap houses. Divorce. Great job.
CA – Married. Dry climate. Earthquake! Amazing weather. EXPENSIVE. Love. Adjustments. 

There you have it. 


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