Today’s email subject lines


I have enough self help books in my garage in boxes, under my bed, and on my beside table, to program a robotic therapist.

These came in into my normal email this morning.

Subject lines…..

For Women: The keys to love, success & authentic happiness!

Nothing Changes Until You Do

Crazy Question

Free meditation gift inside!

Digestion aids

Free access to everything on this page

Extended replays – 72 hours

Three money myths

Open immediately

The Secret story of Money

Go with it don’t find it

You WILL be Excluded

Free access to EVERYTHING

Step into the INNER CIRCLE

How to find your lucky numbers

This information could save your life

Doesn’t a reward sound nice?

The #1 Way to Eliminate Self Doubt

Attract money fast

I average 500 emails a day into a mailbox I have had since 1993. Yes, I am that old.  I used a dial up modem.

Some are from family, friends, job searching sites, legit stuff.

But then, I never read them all. Most of them have a $29 solution to my life. Usually it is the same “fix” in every email, just a different sender and different subject line.

I write things like this for a living, and I am finding them amusing.  All they succeed in doing is making me feel overwhelmed.

It’s so much fun to select each one and click on delete.

I envision myself unsubscribing from most of this.


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