Retrograde Mercury Doesn’t Fool Around



Next time Mercury is retrograde, I think I will avoid doing much other than breathing, eating, sleeping and pooping.  I’ll hide under my covers for three weeks and have food delivered. My bathroom is three steps away. I will ignore the internet and not turn on the TV. Operating any device is asking for injury.  It’s pretty obvious.

Mercury went retro last night and he’s in a Hell of a mood this time.  Ugh!  Everything I touch goes wrong, everything is missing or lost, everything is broken… this planet seriously has it in for me.  The asshole.

Now I am crabby.  Fuck the world!  This is when I need a pool to dive into and swim: beating the water into submission.  I either need to DRINK or beat someone.

Instead my wrath is directed towards the company that shipped me a USED HEAD LIGHT for my car instead of a new one.  Poor Alan is getting scathing emails from a pissed off blond in CA.  Is this kick the dog syndrome?

I need to check my calendar and find out when this is over. Ugly rumor is three weeks.

And I have to drive from San Diego to LA and back Sunday to put my kids on a plane as space available UMs.

And my older son had finals… what a debacle for him.





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