Religion… Science…On the Edge of Solutions?



I am watching the horrific violence in Syria, Africa, South America, and now in Iraq (again) and it seems it’s all coming down to one reason:  a clash of religions.

The whole idea of religion is really starting to irk me. It seems to me that it’s at the center of all the violence in the world.  And it always has been. Even Christianity has a violent past.

I think religion existed because we needed a reason for things that happened when science didn’t exist. (Like the weather, locusts, famines, and droughts, floods, disease, etc.) Now we have science and have to figure out where religion goes in relation to that. 

I finally figured out what I think, and I’m not an atheist, I just don’t believe there is a guy with a white beard keeping a giant book, grading us all and sorting us into houses (heaven and hell). 

I believe in the Golden Rule (treating others as you would want to be treated).

I believe in helping others whenever we can even in small ways.

I believe in assuming the best in others until proven otherwise.

And I have seen, with my own eyes those who profess to be “Christian” who are the most UN Jesus like people I have ever met. (As well as atheists, but at least they have an excuse…).

I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

I believe we are energy and energy can never die. 

I believe at throwing love and help at people. Most of the time, when I do this after being the target of anger, they don’t know how to react.

I believe my dad sends me messages quite regularly in ways no one can explain away.  Coincidence?  Not this many.

And I also believe there’s a lot we humans have yet to figure out, and thus a lot that is inexplicable.

I also believe we have to answer to ourselves or something when we die physically. And that we see others who we know who died before us.

I guess this is good because I was never baptized, and, according to a few people, damns me to Hell regardless of anything I do other than that. 

I also feel like the human race is on the cusp of something major. And if we don’t “get it” or “tune into” it soon, we are doomed.  After all, how are we difference than a virus?  We take and take and replicate and put nothing back but a mess.  We leave the host worse than when we arrived.

This book pretty much wraps up what I think:




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