Wisconsin Vacation?




Our Time In Wisconsin:

  • 600 miles on rental car (Very nice car, but had no USB iPod port and the Aux port quit on the way back. It also had a slow oil leak. Got $50 off)
  • One of the best sunsets I have ever seen on the drive up to Sturgeon Bay from Milwaukee.
  • A really good cherry chicken salad wrap
  • Cooking for nine and not screwing it up… LOL
  • Important time spent with 17+ family and friends
  • Laughter. Wine. Sharing. Getting to know geographically distant friends and family better.
  • New introductions: Some of my husband’s family to some of mine
  • Getting to know my cousins as adults (our sense of humor is genetic!)
  • Billboards: Xotic Store. Get God! Find Jesus ! FIREWORKS !CHEESE! Cherries! The Oilerie
  • Very distant childhood memories, that I could not quite reach. The place felt unfamiliar, yet familiar. Missing a few people: My grandparents, aunts and uncles all gone and they were my only tie to this place.
  • Watching my 87 year old mum like a hawk when memories assailed her.
  • Bittersweet “dad” moments (he passed in 2005 and was in Sturgeon Bay a lot)
  • A cemetery full of my relatives, that I will not be buried in.
  • Oddly removed from the place as significant in my childhood, although it was.
  • Missing the Piggly Wiggly = a Sturgeon Bay landmark for me as a child
  • A soft serve DQ dipped cone = nine again for a moment.
  • No more smoked chubs 😦
  • Riding a horse briefly for the first time in 18 months.  My back wasn’t pleased. I giggle anyway.

After 7 days I needed to come home to get some sleep!