Quandary: Actual Book or Kindle


Black Hole: A Novel

The Quandary…

Real books

  • I love how they smell
  • I love the tactical parts of holding, turning pages and feeling the weight of tangible words that are bound together in a visual way
  • They are so heavy on a trip I have to limit myself. (What if
  • I’m not in the mood for serious, mystery, historical fiction, I have to pick ONE?)
  • I can read it in bright sunlight (but I’m very fair so just when exactly does this apply?)
  • I can highlight.. oh wait…. (you can highlight electronically too)
  • You can tell a lot about a person by the books in their house.  So, will bookshelves die?

Kindle version

  • Are the words less substantial because they “weigh less” in electronic form?
  • I can carry fifty books on a trip without a $50 overweight bag fee. (But who can read fifty books?)
  • I won’t get chocolate smears, wine stains, or fingerprints…oh wait.
  • Doesn’t smell like a book 😦
  • Doesn’t feel like a book 😦

Like purses. It seems to depend on the occasion.




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