Life Goes On


My mind is still wrapping itself around my aunt’s death yesterday.

89 years may seem like enough time on this earth but for her it was simply too short. She was truly a life lover and giver.  I long to know her secret: loving life even through heart aches and frustration. This never dimmed in her and I wish she’d sprinkled me with gobs of that pixie dust every time I saw her.  Sometimes I “get” this feeling of “grateful to be here.” And when I do, I want to roll around in the feeling and make it stick to me, instead of having it slide off me as I grab at it in desperation.

This lady called “bored” a swear word. She loved to sing and had an amazing voice. She loved Grey Goose, her cocktail hour, traveling and chocolate and wrote me the funniest letter in 1999 after I delivered an 11# baby without a c section, having had large babies of her own. “Where on earth did you put that child when he was in utero?”

I’m so glad I saw you, Issie, last July. And I think it’s safe to reveal our secret: the one I whispered to you every time I hugged you. “You’re my favorite aunt. Don’t tell anyone.” You always laughed. But it was a truth that never faltered.

I am sad, but know I will see you again. Enjoy your next adventure in your soul life and say hi to my dad!


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