Real Life Follows Books?


Does real life romance ever really resemble fiction romance stories? The answer is an unequivocal yes. I think it is unusual, and uncommon, but yes. Yet if someone had asked me in 2007, I would have said absolutely not!

To explain why, I have to go back to 2008.

I had finished my novel and was divorced the the same year. After sitting on the fence for quite some time, I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to raise two kids alone, but  knew that for my sanity and that of my kids, I had to end my marriage. I was disappearing, miserable, nearly broke, and couldn’t fix him.

A month before my divorce was final in August of 2008, I had begun corresponding with a man in California whom I had met online. We had a love of cars and music in common, but I’d never expected much from it, since we live 2400 miles apart. I was thinking harmless, flirty penpals! As we began to talk via email, then on the phone, we both realized something very unusual was starting to happen; the commonalities were more than coincidental. Before long, we knew we had to meet in person—we had to know.  And weirdly, my then therapist agreed.  Here I thought she was my sane voice, telling me I was vulnerable and not ready. Instead I was asked, “Whose timetable are you on?”   Mine.  Mine.

So the man and I met in Las Vegas and when he picked me up at the airport it was like a scene from a movie. That entire weekend we could not seem to stop staring at each other. I had said to him before we met “real life never lives up to fantasy.” His response was, “What if?” As he said to me the weekend we met in person, “I just knew.”

Fast forward through, meeting parents, kids and siblings, exes, and friends, enduring teen dramas, a burglary, surgery, and seeing each other one weekend a month.

In 2011 we married! (I moved to his state just before).

So yes, real life romance can resemble fiction romance stories. And I’d never tell anyone to stop believing it might happen to them. I seem to be proof that it can.


Jenna was born in Massachusetts and has moved 41 times in her life. She now resides in Southern California with her husband and her two sons. After graduating with a BS in Written Communications from Eastern Michigan University, she started working in marketing and PR for various corporations and non profits. Currently, she is a full time VP of Marketing and a full time mom.  Jennifer enjoys traveling, photography, cars, horseback riding, biking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Black Hole: A Novel, was begun in June of 2007 on a dare from a friend, and took a year to complete. Interestingly, after writing it, things that happened in the book began happening to her. She is currently working on a sequel to Black Hole: A Novel as well as a book on Internet dating titled, It’s Just Coffee (or is it?).

After the sudden disappearance of her husband, Allison Pierce must build a new life for herself and for her two young sons. Along the way she discovers herself, her strength, the value of friendship, and a new way to define what a family can be with the power of love behind it.


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