Marketing 101 Doesn’t Apply Here

SucceedMarketing a book without an agent, a publishing house, or having a famous person endorse it is incredibly hard.

There, I said it.

It’s a numbers game, book marketing. Finding “that one person” who reads it, loves it and passes it to another person, is the key to starting a PR fire.  And it’s incredibly hard to find that one person.  I’ve left hard copies on planes when I travel, and I’ve given away more copies than I’ve sold.  I am just another “wanna be” out there and it makes me question my abilities.  I am not good at being aggressive in my tactics. And I think repetitive Tweets are just plain annoying. I mean really, how many Tweets have made you buy a book?

I doubt myself and get discouraged until someone else I know reads it and loves it. Then I wonder, wait, perhaps this is something worth pursuing.

So I stab at the marketing. While committing to my day job (which is, ironically, marketing for a small company, which has gone well).

I will keep looking for “the person” who’s key to my book landing it a spot where it gets noticed.  I’m not out to make a million. But a small following of fans would be pretty cool.





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