Inspiration or “dis-couragement”?

MjAxMy04YmVkZDI1MzJmZjNjY2E5Like most authors, I read. A lot.  I confess in college that my degree entailed more writing that reading: a journalism major seemed to drive this.  I swear I only dimly remember reading classics such as Catch 22, The Scarlett Letter and To Kill a Mocking Bird. And I keep meaning to read any classic book I find “free” for Kindle as a start.  But apparently my subconscious mind is driving my library.  My current reading has suddenly begun to narrow.  It is now within my own genre.  I think this happened when I started doubting my first book and thus I now have terrible writer’s block.  I am about 125 pages into the sequel and completely stuck.  I’ve had friends and relatives insist my first novel is good/held attention/etc. One has compared me to Evanovich!  But it wasn’t until someone I didn’t know said it was good, that I sincerely felt that just maybe, it was.  Reading books in my genre reinforced that: I am seeing techniques that I read aren’t traditional, or amateurish, or unprofessional being used by authors that are very well received and even award winning.  For example, I “get into a character’s head” by writing thoughts in italics, and I frequently change POV.  I am seeing this more and more in contemporary novels.  I also see fast dialogue with very few speaker identifications (fewer he said, she saids).

I am not sure what my cure will be for this purgatory but I am sure eventually it will end.   In the meantime the muses are laughing in disgust. I hear them at night when I contemplate opening my Word file. The one started in June of 2007. Sigh.

Frankly I would love to hire a certain editor, but I am just not there yet financially.   I hope she waits for me!


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