Okay fine. So I lost my job.


I am a big girl. A professional.

I have been laid off before.

I have quit before.  Both types of exits done with grace and class.

I have NEVER burned a professional or personal bridge.  Never.

“Don’t take it personally,” they said. “It’s a business decision.”

How could I not?

I was the ONLY one let go.

I had OVER performed.

I had NEVER had a performance review.

I had one raise I built into my employment letter.

The company was thriving, thanks in a large part to my role and my effectiveness.

I was productive, effective, a team player and loyal.
(Note that last word)

And at my interview, they boasted about company integrity. And how I would work there forever.


I wasn’t told in person. And just a week prior I was at a trade show with the whole group. No one said a word.  I was included in meetings.

Instead I get a phone call: “We decided to pull all you do in house (I am remote). ”
And the instant I end the call, I get a last text from my hiring manager, who wasn’t even on the layoff call:

Four words: “I am so sorry.”

That was the extent of our communication.

Half an hour later: Email and work phone shut off.

I shipped back all my work equipment.  I got a small severance.

I cried. Yelled. Shared it with others.

Everyone I have told about this asked the same thing: WTF.

Never have I been treated so poorly by an employer. And I had a boss who YELLED a long time ago.

And about those bridges I never burned?

One was burned for me.

I am learning the hard way people and companies may not be what they “sell” themselves to be.


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