Bubbles Over Our Heads


I saw the most amazing hospital commercial on TV the other day. It’s stuck with me, and I decided I should crack open my analysis.

In it, people were simply walking around a hospital. Some of them were nurses or doctors, some were patients or visitors, some were volunteers and some were visitors. There was a janitor.

But over their heads as they walked around were their thoughts – in a third person way.  “Found out the tumor is benign,” “Just got married last week,” “The cancer has spread,” “Just found out she is pregnant,” “There is nothing they can do for her mom.”

And it hit me in the heart. And I wondered.

What every single person on earth could see the thoughts/feelings of others, sporadically when we walked around in our normal day? And we never knew which person would have a bubble show up?

And what if WE could each choose who to show our bubbles to?

The interactions would be amazing.

I pictured myself in a grocery store and seeing an older woman’s bubble appear with, “My granddaughter is coming today!”  I would smile at her and say, “I bet you can’t wait!” and I have a feeling we’d have a good conversation.

The connections between us would grow. We’d get out of our heads and into the hearts of others. We’d put ourselves out. We’d be more curious about others.  We would find common areas. And perhaps, we’d be more empathetic?

Next time I go to the store…I’ll picture this and be more free with my smiles.


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