People with that “Light” in them


I know it when  see it.  And I love being around it.

I am so full of admiration for people who LOVE life no matter what.   They weep for tragedy, but still believe life is wonderful. When faced with adversarial circumstances, they push on and find a resilience and a deep feeling that no matter the outcome it will be okay.  They never say “why me?”.  They almost seem to say “bring it on!”

I am not like this.

Are you born with this?  Can I learn it?  Does it have to to with a “happiness set point” that you are destined for and cannot change?

I would change this about me if I could.

I have tried the “mirror work” and the “affirmations” (my monkey mind will NOT endure those, I just start laughing at the ridiculousness of them), I have tried night time and morning gratitude.  I have tried to meditate (see monkeys above).

What is the bloomin’ secret?! Someone let me in to this “society of life lovers” please.

I came across this online and it was no help at all (see answers).

    • What is something about my health that I am grateful for today?
      I can have coffee again
  • What is something new I learned or did yesterday, and what is something new I can learn or do today?
    You want me to ADD something? Where?
  • When I look at my life now, what can I feel excited and optimistic about?
  • What can I do today to connect with my spirituality, myself and nature?
    Seriously? Read more Blogess posts.
  • How can I express gratitude today for my basic needs being met?
    I have food. I have air. I have water?
  • What is 1 thing I can do today to authentically connect with someone else?
    Well this I did do on facebook, thanks to Ruth.
  • How can I support my amazing body with healthy choices today?
    Eat Nutella out of a jar and not get the shits.

See what I mean? Sigh.

Life lovers – write a book and send me a copy. I promise to try your suggestions for six weeks.


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