Just Before Hurricane Charley… August 12, 2004


Livejournal Entry.

Weirdness and chocolate ice cream at 9pm [12 Aug 2004|09:13pm]

So there are two hurricanes headed for Florida (my house) and my older son found a snake in the master bathroom tonite.

Somehow I know these two events are related but I have no idea how.

Last time it was a frog.

In the bathroom, I mean. It was in the tub and I did not see it till I started filling it with Juniper Berry smelly-good-stuff and hot water. Then I let out a little shriek and ran into the family room in a towel. My son caught him in a plastic food container and put him outside. Bet all his frog friends thought he smelled pretty weird. Unfrogish.

A frog.. somehow less threatening than a FRIGGIN SNAKE. How is Noah’s ark ending up in MY BATHROOM? My huge wonderful, shower and a soaking tub, two sinks and a separate toilet closet bathroom has REPTILES in it on a regular basis. Is this a Florida living thing?

There is a show on QVC called “Problem Solvers”.

Wow. The things I would like to hand them.

How about world hunger? The war in Iraq? George Bush? tee hee.. No? Well how about SNAKES IN MY BATHROOM?

I threw a towel over it and then tossed it outside and shook the towel. The damn thing was probably poisonous and I let it go. What a nit wit. But then kill it with what? A broom? Maybe next time. Even with snakes, hindsight is 20-20.

So tomorrow I need to get flashlight batteries.. milk, water, Doritos, beer.. I noticed that when a storm is approaching all the beer and Doritos vanish. What is that?

In NH I prepped for blizzards. Here it is Hurricanes.. or as I call them.. Himmacanes.

I am the dramatic child in the family. Probably would have been a good soap actress.

My older son started kindergarten. I picked him up at the end of the day, and he asked me if he could take the bus! Suddenly I realize how independent he is. He is my sweet boy and I hug him tighter these days since I know when he is nine the hugs will start to taper off.

My youngest is still only speaking his own-ese. I think that once he starts preschool two mornings a week he will have to learn to talk because no one there will understand him. He is very crabby – I think bored at this point.  I am not exactly stimulating entertainment.

This house is quiet now until 7 am, when I will stumble to the shower and try to wake up. I walk on boy to the bus, with another in the stroller at 8 am.

This is a short entry. My brain is saying “go to bed” and I cannot seem to deny it sleep any longer.


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