There are some days when I just want to be the one that knows how all this works.

Why are we here?

What is the point?

What is death?

What I believe is we are spiritual beings having physical experiences.

That we are energy, and therefore we never end.

That we are connected to the universe, the stars, the dirt, the plants, the animals and each other.

That until we come together as humanity and stop this “my religion over yours mentality” or we are doomed.

That my dad sends me messages sometimes and I hope when the time comes he can teach my mom how.

That death isn’t a goodbye.

That God​ is not up there with a black book, marking down what we each believe or not, what we do and don’t do.

That we have to answer to ourselves when we die.

That love is at the center of it all.


Chaos Theory

BrokenHeartMy own little world seems so puny by comparison to ALL OF IT. I feel capable sometimes in the former and overwhelmed by the latter.

I gather those close by and help them so I don’t feel powerless.

I grab gratitude like a lifeline. And I try desperately to believe there is a purpose for the chaos, the unfairness, the suffering and the death.

A simple cup of good coffee, and deep breaths and I’m moving around my small world again. Aligning things where I have a tiny bit of control and where love is at the center.

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