Chaos Theory

BrokenHeartMy own little world seems so puny by comparison to ALL OF IT. I feel capable sometimes in the former and overwhelmed by the latter.

I gather those close by and help them so I don’t feel powerless.

I grab gratitude like a lifeline. And I try desperately to believe there is a purpose for the chaos, the unfairness, the suffering and the death.

A simple cup of good coffee, and deep breaths and I’m moving around my small world again. Aligning things where I have a tiny bit of control and where love is at the center.

Why do bad things happen?
They just do.

Why do people suffer?
It just happens. Usually because of other people.  Until humans realize we are all the same in our humanity, we will continue to be the only species that kill each other in the name of our Gods.

Why do some really good people die young, while “bad” people live long? Why do some good people live longer?
Things just happen. You never know when it will be time to leave this earth. So appreciate being here, enjoy what you have, help others, be the best you that you can be.


What is the point of it all?
We are here to HELP EACH OTHER and lift each other up.  Our egos get in the way and “make us” want to be better than others and have power over them. Sprinkle in a variety of religions that evolved to give reason and order to the world instead of science, religions that all say “our way is right”and this is where it falls down. Add to it media that broadcasts more of all the bad things in the world and ignores the good, and you have a world that seemingly rewards looks, materialistic wealth, power, over “doing good”, benevolence and empathy.

I mean for heaven’s sake – people got angry about a red cup in the name of religion, but don’t get upset over starving children?


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