What would you do with your life if you were suddenly awarded a billion dollars?

ClareRidingTitanCanterYou know, I had a dream about this. But it was $29M. Not a billion.

I gave away most of it. I got to $12M left and ran out of things to do. And it included some frivolous trips and a dressage horse I cannot even ride.

I often say to people, “You’re on my list.” This is a good thing. I have a “when I win lotto list”.  (I also have a “Who I will kill off in my next novel list, but I digress.).  The aforementioned list pays off cars, buys cars, buys or pays off houses, pays off bills, sends people to Italy and Hawaii with me in a private jet, rents houses in Maine, and donates a shitload of money to charities (animals, schools, hospitals). And I would form one. “Car Angels”.  Here’s how it works: I would buy a used car between $5-10K and then drive around town until I find and can stalk someone in a clunker.  I would pull into a parking spot next to them and say, “we are swapping cars” and hand them my keys and $2000 cash for insurance and gas.  I’d have a ton of fun because I love cars, and I love helping others.

One Christmas I bought a friend a laptop. She paid me back six months later. I so loved doing it and she needed it very badly.  This Christmas I am doing something inexpensive, but very cool, kinda special and sneaky for a relative and they will either think I am crazy or be delighted. I can’t wait to find out which!

When I am driving around town (looking for clunkers to stalk) I often look at the sky and say, “I wouldn’t be a selfish asshole, or blow all the money on gigolos and cocaine or gambling.  I just want to share it with the world in the best way possible.”


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