What’s one thing you always procrastinate on?


The litterbox.

My poor cats.  I am astounded that they have not developed poor peeing habits, or structured some sort of mutiny.  I confess it’s not my favorite chore. It sometimes even makes me gag. (And I am a mom, who’s changed her share of poopy diapers, washed poopy clothes and both cleaned up vomit and held the heads of boys who are doing it.).
I have an alert on my phone.  It goes off every day at 11 AM.  Ha. I ignore it.  Then I whine about (first world problem) doing it at night right before bed.

I am waiting for Mocha, the smartest of the three cats, to start writing me threatening notes in litter or poop pieces.

Sigh. If someone could figure out how to make this a fun thing, they’d make a mint.


2 thoughts on “What’s one thing you always procrastinate on?

  1. I’ve found a few things that help me with the litter box. (1) Make sure the cats have good quality cat food, what goes in is what comes out so that could help and (2) Buy a good litter. I experimented with different litters and settled on Arm and Hammer Clumping litter – I think it smells alright and it covers up the nasty urine smell, and it clumps well so it’s easy to scoop up. It does cost more than other litters but for something I have to do every day, it’s worth it!


    1. Thanks Prosperity. I have three kitties and use scoop away litter. One cat has particularly ammonia scented urine. She’s healthy, just stinky. My sister turned me on to Young Again grain free food. That definitely helped a few things, but the youngest cat eats ziploc bags. We have to hide them away at night. She literally hunts for anything at night. Sigh. I love all three of them dearly but the youngest is gorgeous but none too bright. 🙂


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