Cat History

I have had many cats and dogs in my life.  I am not proud of the fact that I had to re-home a few, but I am proud that I always found them GREAT homes with cat lovers.  In retrospect, I should not have gotten any pet when I had small kids and certainly not with an allergic and non – cooperative husband.


neferandKashkaNefer on left, Kashka on right. Taken in 1990 in Maine. 

1976 – My 13th birthday. Nefertiti entered my life. I had wanted a horse (what 13 year old girl doesn’t?). Not something my parents could do. So this kitty entered my life. She ended up an 18# bad ass who moved from Texas to Virginia, to Michigan to Maine. She was diagnosed as FLV positive, and was on steroids awhile. I NEVER had to have her teeth cleaned. I had to put her down in 1991 (I was 26 and she was 13) and cried the whole time. I have regrets that I didn’t have the financial/life support to try and keep her longer. She had litterbox issues and to this day I feel like I should have done more.

IMG_76921986? – Kashka entered my life. She replaced a Kashka who died in VA back in 1981 (she got outside and was shot by a hunter). This Kashka entered Nefer’s life when she was pretty old. They were never friends, or groomed each other – they formed an armed truce only. I was living with a friend when I got her, then the friend moved out and my then boyfriend moved in.  We came home one night to find out she had discovered his stash of pot, ripped the bag open and spread it all over the apt. She was also asleep in the center of it.   Exit boyfriend. I moved back in with my parents.  When I moved from Michigan to Maine, she was with me.  When I moved from Maine to Virginia, she rode on my lap in a Ryder truck along the NJ turnpike.  In Virginia she met (and conquered) her first Jack Russel terrier.  Kashka went to live with my bestie when I got engaged to a man who was allergic to cats (RED FLAG!) and I moved to NH from VA. She died around 1996.

Jump to 1995. Husband Allergic. I found out that Bengals caused less allergy issues so I got two Bengals from a breeder in NH and Maine. Thor and Loki.  When my son was born in 1999, they simply would not accept him. I found a new home (in a huge house, with cat lovers) for them together and cried the whole way home.

Jump to 2005. I bought two Bengals from a back yard breeder in FL. What a disaster. They had Pentatrichamonis. (sp?) and I had to surrender them to a rescue when the breeder refused to take responsibility. I cried the whole way home.


Jump to later in 2005. Got two Bengals from a great breeder in FL. Saba and Lacey were stunning and Saba (male ) had a great personality. In 2006 he decided to pee all over ME whenever he was on my lap. Then he ruined two mattresses.  Nothing wrong with him according to vet – but he wanted outside all the time and I didn’t want him to be an outdoor cat. 😦 I found another (only cat) home for him. Kept Lacey, and got her a buddy – Pikachu. Then my marriage fell apart, and I had to relocated and I could not have any pets. I found (great) homes for them both and cried the whole way home.

lacey7Lacey. 2005.

Was I never meant to have a cat for 13 years again?

Jump to 2010. Our Greyhound, Hope, had to be put down. A month later I started looking on Petfinder.

Enter… Mocha…. The… best… cat…. in … the… world.
From a RESCUE!



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