Weird Food at a Discount!?

I have a cool store near me called Grocery Outlet. I can get $3 bacon, and three pounds of Mexican blend grated cheese for $7 (don’t laugh we use one a month in this house O’teens), a goat cheese log for $2, balled mozz for under $5, Dave’s Killer Bread at a discount, cereal silly cheap (even Kashi) and…. drum roll:

Heavily discounted premium ice cream!
Brands like Tillamook, Three Twins, Steve’s, Hagen Daaz, Ben and Jerry’s, Snoqualmie… you get the picture. They are $5-7 a pint at Safeway. Here they run $1.99-2.99.


13138740_10208571694230459_4516199527920613400_nI file this one under: “This is really weird, but I am not sure if I like it, so I will keep eating it until I figure it out.”

I seem to do that with ice cream.  There’s a Three Twins cardamom flavored one (hmmm), (I have tried the coffee milk, Mexican chocolate, chocolate malt, Madagascar vanilla and strawberry and liked all except the last one) and Snoqualmie makes a lavender flavored one that evokes the same reaction:
“Hmm. This stuff is weird.”
Take another bite. “Yeah, really weird.”
Take another bite. “The weirdest.”
Well crap, now half the pint is gone.



I had the privilege of living with a graduate of Johnson & Wales in the 90s. We lived in a four bedroom, 1.5 bath farmhouse owned by a church and paid a mere $450 a month in rent.  Frankly, even with no garage in Virginia, it rocked. Whenever she cooked I was in awe. And her baking… it’s a wonder I am not 300#.

Anyway, we’ve kept in touch over the years somehow. She lives in Baltimore while I’m way over in California.  The cool thing is SHE STILL COOKS AND BAKES a TON. LOL.  Even with teenagers!

So she sent me this. “I changed a few things and it was great!”

Roast Turkey Panini with Pesto, Roasted Red Peppers and Fontina Cheese

Her Ingredients:

  • Prima Della Turkey
  • She subbed Provolone for Fontina (Prima Della)
  • Market Side Ciabatta rolls
  • Rana, basil pesto  (I make my own pesto in the summer – stay tuned!)
  • Classico Sun dried tomato pesto (Her note: “an excellent alternative to pesto, I used both on mine.”)
  • Mezzetta  Roasted Red Peppers  (If you don’t know about, check it out here!)She used a Pampered Chef Grill pan and press.

    Teenager approved! Quote from her 16 year old..” Its like eating at Panera!”

    Her photo is a riot…. The one on the recipe page is clearer. 🙂


Just for you! Secret! Final Step! Limited Time!

Email subject lines are becoming… 
Damn misleading
Just silly

Here are a few gems from today:

Final Steps Required! Do not ignore!

Exclusive invitation!

This one weird trick for _____________

What can you change in seven years

CONFIRM Product order (when I didn’t order anything!)

Free test! Predict your future!

The SPAM folder ones are even better!
Your ATM card worth $1.5M!
The best multiple streams of income EVER!
Understated but sexy

Makes me want to OPT-OUT of everything today.  But then I found this, laughed, and deleted a ton of crap from my inbox…



One Loved Cookie Recipe…


(Photo doesn’t do them justice. They are MUCH darker in real life!)

The recipe photo at the end says it all.  It’s stained, and folded and a mess. Well-loved, like a stuffed toy.

I can’t even remember when I found it.  I know it was in a copy of the Costco Connection (the company’s member magazine) probably around 2011? 2012?.  So, having done recipes from Cooking Light before with decent results, plus being a chocoholic, I was game.

Warning: It’s nothing but trouble.  Don’t do it.  (Yeah, I am sure you will stop reading now.)

I’ve doubled it. I’ve changed the butter to melted. All worked. The latter made them gooey-er.  I confess to changing it at Christmas: removing the cherries and adding 1/2 t of peppermint extract to give me chewy, dark chocolate mint cookies instead.

This is the “experimental” cooking my husband loves.

My son is allergic to peanuts so I only use Guittard chocolate chips (on sale at Big Lots) to avoid the “shared equipment” nightmares.  Plus they make this dark, dark version that’s perfect.

A keeper!