One Loved Cookie Recipe…


(Photo doesn’t do them justice. They are MUCH darker in real life!)

The recipe photo at the end says it all.  It’s stained, and folded and a mess. Well-loved, like a stuffed toy.

I can’t even remember when I found it.  I know it was in a copy of the Costco Connection (the company’s member magazine) probably around 2011? 2012?.  So, having done recipes from Cooking Light before with decent results, plus being a chocoholic, I was game.

Warning: It’s nothing but trouble.  Don’t do it.  (Yeah, I am sure you will stop reading now.)

I’ve doubled it. I’ve changed the butter to melted. All worked. The latter made them gooey-er.  I confess to changing it at Christmas: removing the cherries and adding 1/2 t of peppermint extract to give me chewy, dark chocolate mint cookies instead.

This is the “experimental” cooking my husband loves.

My son is allergic to peanuts so I only use Guittard chocolate chips (on sale at Big Lots) to avoid the “shared equipment” nightmares.  Plus they make this dark, dark version that’s perfect.

A keeper!




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