I had the privilege of living with a graduate of Johnson & Wales in the 90s. We lived in a four bedroom, 1.5 bath farmhouse owned by a church and paid a mere $450 a month in rent.  Frankly, even with no garage in Virginia, it rocked. Whenever she cooked I was in awe. And her baking… it’s a wonder I am not 300#.

Anyway, we’ve kept in touch over the years somehow. She lives in Baltimore while I’m way over in California.  The cool thing is SHE STILL COOKS AND BAKES a TON. LOL.  Even with teenagers!

So she sent me this. “I changed a few things and it was great!”

Roast Turkey Panini with Pesto, Roasted Red Peppers and Fontina Cheese

Her Ingredients:

  • Prima Della Turkey
  • She subbed Provolone for Fontina (Prima Della)
  • Market Side Ciabatta rolls
  • Rana, basil pesto  (I make my own pesto in the summer – stay tuned!)
  • Classico Sun dried tomato pesto (Her note: “an excellent alternative to pesto, I used both on mine.”)
  • Mezzetta  Roasted Red Peppers  (If you don’t know about Jet.com, check it out here!)She used a Pampered Chef Grill pan and press.

    Teenager approved! Quote from her 16 year old..” Its like eating at Panera!”

    Her photo is a riot…. The one on the recipe page is clearer. 🙂



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