Ginger Lemon Scones

At World Market I buy this scone mix whenever I can, it is really easy, comes in a bunch of flavors and they even have a gluten free version I got for a friend once, but it’s a bit pricey.

So when I woke up Saturday with a seriously Jonesing for a scone (Jonesing – a much maligned expression for craving) I wondered about making them from scratch.  I had the candied ginger on hand, so I saved the recipe that seemed the most interesting and easy to my phone and got the rest of the ingredients that day. (My Jonesing would have to wait a day).

Sunday morning I got to work. These were worth the wait. I subbed whole wheat flour for half the flour. Very easy. Delish.



My Cat Has More Friends…

…than I do.

But then. She just is.

She’s not “trying so hard” lately.  I marvel at her ability to just be.

I long to be able to…