I can’t stand


… Any kind of pot pie. It’s vomit in a pie crust.  And my husband still wants to eat one in front of me.  Someday when he’s really mad at me, I’ll know it. 

… The Jack in the Box giant pointy head clown dude.  Totally creepy. Can’t look at the tv.

… The Burger King dude (same reason)

… The new Coronel Sanders. Creepy-pedophile-like vibe there. Just MY feelings. 

…. Blue Man Group.. For reason I won’t go into here, that have to do with my ex. 

…. Smurfs: same reason as above 

…. My vacuum when it decides to eat the carpet. I makes this incredibly loud BWARRRRRR  that scares the total shit out of me. I let our a shriek every time. Then I have to vacuum with headphones on or my husband does it and I leave the room. Then my boys torture me by yelling BWARRRRRRR at inopportune times. 

… The squirrels outside eating baby mice. Canibals. 

…and I have trypophobia. 

Don’t judge me. We all have our freak flags. 

(And I always had a weird feeling about Subway Jared…)

Ew. Yuck. Just. Acck.