Morning cacophony… 

There’s a hell of a noisy tree on the other side of my backyard fence. It constantly chirps and squeaks. Sometimes there’s even a squawk, and then the branches shudder and something falls out of it. Then it gets quiet for a minute before starting all over again. 

The leaves are small and densely packed along the branches. The neighbors trimmed it way back a few years ago and it seemed to recoil and rest awhile, figuring out a strategy. Then it got angry and the period of dormancy stopped. Now it’s twice the size it was before the trimming and reaches over my fence in numerous places. I’m wondering what kind of tree.


Just Before Hurricane Charley… August 12, 2004


Livejournal Entry.

Weirdness and chocolate ice cream at 9pm [12 Aug 2004|09:13pm]

So there are two hurricanes headed for Florida (my house) and my older son found a snake in the master bathroom tonite.

Somehow I know these two events are related but I have no idea how.

Last time it was a frog.

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